My name is Robin Gibson. I have been in the medical field for over 15 years and focused my nursing skills on emergency and trauma care for 8 years since I graduated from Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City. I was a nutritionist for a major weight loss company for two years before going to nursing school. I embraced alternative therapy two years ago to help patients gain control of their overall health. I obtained my certification in auriculotherapy recently because I truly believe alternatives are beneficial to many people before rushing into more invasive procedures.

I became aware of “ear stapling” two and a half years ago and learned that potential clients were spending a lot of time and money for a procedure that is fairly inexpensive to provide. I personally knew people getting staples and they were given inadequate aftercare instructions and no education about the philosophy of the staples. I began to educate myself in the field of auriculotherapy, acupressure and the identification of ear reflex points of the ear. Through countless hours of research and hands on experience in stapling, I have developed a “twist” to what most call staple puncture. I felt I could offer this service for a reasonable price to those who were interested in trying the “ear staple” and if it didn't work, then they weren't out a hundred or more dollars.

I am the first in the field to initiate a training program in ear stapling and I am proud of the many people I have trained, who have gone on to be very successful in this business.

I am a strong advocate against other providers who are doing this procedure to make a “fast buck,” along with the cleanliness of the environment and the correct supplies being used when this procedure is done. Education is the key to success; a sound knowledge base will ensure positive results! I have truly enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful clients I have and look forward to the ones in my future.

My goal in this business is to meet each and every client with warmth and understanding along with educating those involved with this procedure with every bit of knowledge I have regarding ear stapling and nutrition.

I am happily married to Lyndel and we have six children, one daughter, Lauren, who is my assistant, and five sons, Tyler, Riley, Colby, Noah and Nathaniel. I have one grandson named Braysen and one granddaughter, Brielle. I live in Newcastle, OK. We are very involved in our community and our children's school and sporting events.


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